TechnoYoga music . . . . . . . . . . .

Check our styles of music. It's important you know what you'll hear at TechnoYoga classes. We play HOUSE MUSIC and different forms of TECHNO MUSIC

Our resident TechnoYoga DJs create specially co-ordinated mixed tracks for classes and events. They contain prompts and section changes for the instructor. These library tracks are used by our TechnoYoga choreography team to plan classes and routines.

Our DJ also creates general tracks that are less technical and minus instructor cues. Some of these tracks are available to purchase for general listening, so TechnoYoga followers can listen any time free of charge.

TechnoYoga teachers, hosts, and festival organisers can order a demo tape by emailing . For your own HOME YOGA workouts, use the radio player featured on our web pages or look out for the TechnoYoga app, coming soon.








We integrate the Mixcloud music sharing/radio application which states that it pays performing rights to artistes. We pay our TechnoYoga resident DJ to perform at events and classes and to make soundtracks for class and website use.

Some of our own recordings mixed by paid TechnoYoga resident DJs are made available on our website to listen to free of charge any time. They are also uploaded to the Mixcloud radio application. These mixes are not for sale but we may give them to others or license their use as part of a franchise agreement in the future.

Donated recordings (mixes)
We gratefully accept donated recordings by DJs we follow, support and promote. These are added to our website using the Mixcloud radio application. They are for promotional use to show our musical influences, generate publicity around the artistes and attract new listeners. These donated mixes are not for sale and will never be licensed as part of franchise or third party agreements. They remain the copyright-protected recordings of the artists.








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