The TechnoYoga Lifestyle...


TechnoYoga gives you a focus for living a lifestyle of increased wellbeing through music, exercise and belonging. A sense of increased personal confidence follows.

A lot went in to the TechnoYoga symbol. Its colours signify fun, friendly and funky times ahead. The 'O' in TECHNO placed behind the head resembling a halo is the sunrise behind. It emphasises the energising power of the sun. In Yoga we salute the sun (Sun Salutations). The symbolic rising sun should also
remind us of the importance of future over the past. The sound wave from hand to hand signifies energised mind and body - through music, as well as from yoga exercise and the sun.

The seated pose signifies calmness of mind and confidence in wellbeing.

The mysteriousness of the faceless human and the appearance of  the complete TechnoYoga symbol shows a link with electronic music in club music culture. TechnoYoga followers will feel gently dipped back in to the cocoon of club music culture. If only for an hour; step back in to that energetic club feeling in a safe and relaxed environment. Where you go from there is up to you :)


We've already created merchandise to show belonging and support for the TechnoYoga concept and our brand is trademarked. But we may sometimes allow people to use the symbol on their own personal effects. If you wish to do this please let us know first as there could possibly be times when it could be seen as a copyright problem (e.g. clothing for sale, etc).


1. Practice Vinyasa fitness yoga!

2. Listen to techno music!

3. Support the concept! and spread the word!