You the TechnoYoga participant ...

Are you someone who likes exercising to music, has a certain ear for house, disco and club music - but maybe do not get out as much as you'd like to these days? Our concept is not an aerobics class to a soundtrack. Our classes are Yoga choreographed with a serious music mix behind them that you'll probably want to play again and appreciate the DJs' input.

Also, we hope our sessions and lifestyle will encourage you to dip further into clubbing and club-culture experiences. you are never too old so don't feel too old. Start with us and your confidence will grow.

Are you interested in the content of classes or Fitness Yoga?

You can listen to our music.

You can attend classes and events on the road (festivals etc.)

You can support our brand and mission [merch, click here]

TechnoYoga at home:

1. Practice -
Power Vinyasa Yoga Flow or 'Fitness Yoga'.

2. Listen to Techno Music (use the recommended web radio station player):


You the DJ ...

Whether you are a home-DJ, an aspiring DJ, or a longstanding superstar DJ, we want to work with you. Our target audience is an age group, many of whom have stopped clubbing or feel apprehensive about it. They still love your music and they want to hear it and move to it. Please help us by sharing your mixes with us or recording mixes specially for our TechnoYoga sessions. We'll credit you with your support and plug your operations but most importantly we'll be sharing your interests; our passion is to move a large number of people back towards enyoying live and recorded house music and club culture.

IRL - Where you can find us ...

We pop up at events and festivals and run our regular classes; maybe promoting in your area and town.