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What is YOGA?

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. The main components of yoga are postures (a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility) and breathing.



TechnoYoga on the road... FESTIVALS



Public Liability.


07795 423598  |  info@technoyoga.co.uk .

What we got:

A lively 'club feel' workout and exercise session.


A dedicated, energetic team of DJ, Yoga Instructor and Choreographer, and Production. For larger events we can provide theme-dressed PRs and dancers within the TechnoYoga sessions


Our brand name always gets a double-take.


Something different - a club feel blended with fitness yoga. To refresh, rejuvenate and hook.


What we do:

Non-stop session featuring live or recorded co-ordinated DJ music mix, with lighting and very clever accompanying yoga workout routines. Making for a lively, memorable experience for participants.

60 minute TechnoYoga format

90 minute TechnoYoga format

TechnoYoga Club Night (splits exercise/dance/club as required)


Perfect for all ages, particularly for the over 35s - due to musical influences. Ideal for festival marquee event.




Event Booking enquiry form

Please contact us - 07795 423598  |  info@technoyoga.co.uk .

From 150 per hour, plus travel (if outside Bristol).
FESTIVALS - minimum 3 hours over a 6 hour period.

Prices separately for supply of:

Sound system if not supplied by you.
Cooling equipment (A/C) if not supplied and if necessary.
Yoga Mats or floor covering if not supplied by you.
Large screen display for large numbers.
Sound monitoring consultant for large scale noisy events.

Theme-dressed PRs and dancers.


Space Guide on numbers:


Marquee size (m) Marquee size (feet) TechnoYoga participants
 3m x 3m 10x10′ n/a
4.3m x 4.3m 14x14′ n/a
3m x 6m 10x20′ n/a
6m x 6m 20x20′ 12 - 15
6m x 9m 20x30′ 15 - 20
6m x 12m 20x40′ 25 - 30
6m x 15m 20x50′ 30 - 50

Extra notes:


Can be done outside, weather permitting.
Can follow a big screen display if large numbers of participants.

Health screening checklist supplied for participants. liability and insurance.



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